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American Plan Cabins

Under the American plan you will stay in 1 of 8 cabins, each of which has: a bathroom, beds, linens, running water, refrigerator, custom pine interiors, and a screened-in porch. We will cook your breakfast, prepare your lunch, and cook you dinner each and every day of your stay. All you need to do is show up and have a great time. Please bring your own bathing towels. You will have access to the Shower House. Each cabin option provides a great home base for all your hunting, fishing and recreational activities.

The Loon Cabin

The Loon Cabin is right on the waters edge like a Loon Nest. Here you will rest well at night listening to the sounds of the lake. 2 full beds.


The Eagle Cabin

Perched up the bluff, The Eagle Cabin is halfway between the main lodge and the dock. Keep an eye on the lake below and maybe even see a Bald Eagle catch breakfast. 2 full beds.


The Big Rock Cabin

The Big Rock Cabin is close to the main lodge with a great view of camp, and nestled off to the side enough to have privacy. 1 full and a twin bunk bed.


The Beaver Cabin

The Beaver Cabin is close to the dock, set off to the side and right on the waters edge,with the best view for sunset. 2 full beds.

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The Dock Cabin

The Dock Cabin, you guessed it, is right next to the dock. Fall asleep with the sounds of the lake lapping up on the shore, and be first to the fish with the shortest walk to your boat. 1 full bed and 1 twin.


The Lookout Cabin

The Lookout Cabin has the shortest walk to the main lodge, with the best view of the lake and dock. 1 full bed and a twin bunk bed.

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The Point Cabin

The Point Cabin is located on the point of the peninsula, and will make you feel alone while still being steps to the shower house, dock, and fire pit. 2 full beds.

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The Buck Cabin

The smallest of the cabins, The Buck Cabin is right in the middle of it all for those who don't want to miss out on a thing and plan to be out most of the day, or for the little ones. 1 twin bunk bed.

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